With Your Help, We Preserve, Protect, and Enhance Georgia’s 100-Mile Coast

Mission  |  Vision:

Thriving communities, protected landscapes, and secure wildlife.

The mission of One Hundred Miles is to preserve, protect, and enhance Georgia’s 100-mile coast.

We envision a future where coastal Georgia has thriving communities, protected landscapes, and secure wildlife.

Our work is guided by several essential principles. We believe:

  1. Georgia’s coast is a national treasure that requires careful stewardship by citizens, policy makers, advocates, government agencies, and businesses alike.
  2. Our quality of life depends on preserving natural coastal features in the midst of growth and development.
  3. Healthy coastal ecology is essential to economic development.
  4. Scientific knowledge, investigation, and inquiry are critical to building our understanding of coastal systems and the species that rely on them for their survival.
  5. Georgia is home to many business leaders, researchers, environmental advocates, government agencies, and citizens who add value to our collective conservation efforts.
  6. Georgia’s coast benefits when groups and individuals cooperate to achieve shared goal through open engagement and partnerships.