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March 22, 2017, Savannah Morning News
Coastal programs face fears of deep budget cuts

“The president has promised to put America first, but the budget he has released really puts our coastal communities last,” said Alice Miller Keyes, vice president of coastal conservation at One Hundred Miles.

March 22, 2017, The Brunswick News
‘Spirited’ fundraiser to benefit environmental nonprofit

“The bigger purpose is celebrating our local restaurants and highlighting the small business community,” Patton said. “They have been so supportive, and a lot of them have a direct relationship with our coast, because that’s what you’ll find on their menu.” – Kelly Patton, OHM’s Membership and Outreach Coordinator

March 15, 2017, Coastal Illustrated
Spartini event returns for second year

“We are excited to partner with so many local restaurants to celebrate coastal Georgia’s unique identity, all while giving back to our 100 miles. If we inspire restaurant patrons to learn more about Georgia’s coast and engage with us thanks to a delicious cocktail or two, then this event will be a huge success.” – Kelly Patton, OHM’s Membership and Outreach Coordinator

March 15, 2017, Southern Environmental Law Center
SELC, partners file U.S. Supreme Court brief to defend Clean Water Rule

‘The brief was filed by SELC on behalf of the Coastal Conservation League and One Hundred Miles, jointly with the National Resources Defense Council and the National Wildlife Federation.’

March 15, 2017, Connect Savannah
Keeping a green eye on the coast

“We’re lucky that the Georgia coast remains relatively undeveloped. Let’s get behind the effort to protect what’s ours.” -Paulita Bennett-Martin, OHM’s Chief of Coastal Advocacy

March 4, 2017, Savannah Morning News
Coastal scientists draw a line in the sand after new Shore Protection Act passes House

“What’s being proposed in Georgia is ‘we’re happy if it’s 6-15 years before erosion catches up with it,’” said Robert Young, director of the Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines and professor of coastal geology at Western Carolina University. “It just seems like what it’s doing is guaranteeing you’re going to create more problems in areas where you’ll have to do more coastal protection.”

March 4, 2017, The Brunswick News
JIA sand plan question of efficiency vs. oversight

“While we understand JIA’s interest in simplifying the process of conducting projects that have the potential to enhance natural assets of our beach systems, we are concerned that the wide-scale scope of their request and lack of details for how the projects will be conducted undermines the intent of the Shore Protection Act,” wrote Alice Keyes, VP of Coastal Conservation for One Hundred Miles.

March 3, 2017, WTOC-TV
One Hundred Miles opens Savannah office

“We work a lot on issues like proper development and land use. We worked on the state’s opposition to offshore drilling to make sure we don’t have oil exploration off of our coast.” – Paulita Bennett-Martin, OHM’s Chief of Coastal Advocacy.

February 26, 2017, Savannah Morning News
Bill offers new definition of sand dunes in Georgia

“With this language, almost any type of vegetation would remove a dune from the sand sharing system and make it developable,” said Megan Desrosiers, One Hundred Miles President/CEO.

February 25, 2017, Savannah Morning News
Little Cumberland spaceport promises jobs, threatens islands

“Closures and other restrictions associated with the proposed launch facility will impact the visitor enjoyment and experience for many,” National Park Service Regional Director Stan Austin wrote in a 10-page comment letter in late 2015. “In many cases this may affect once in a lifetime opportunities, months or years of planning, financial obligations, time commitments, and or other commitments. Moreover, some closures/restrictions may occur with little notice and create further, more severe hardship.”

February 18, 2017, Savannah Morning News
Coastal residents lobby for green issues at Capitol

“They need to know who you are and that you came all the way from the coast to talk to them,” said Kelly Patton, One Hundred Miles’ Outreach Coordinator.

February 14, 2017, Savannah Morning News
Bill proposes changes to Shore Protection Act, which could alter the area the state controls

“I think our biggest concern is 25 feet landward of the ordinary high water mark,” said Megan Desrosiers, executive director of One Hundred Miles, which is suggesting a 150-foot setback instead in that situation to prevent structures being built too close to actively eroding spots along the coast. “That 150-foot depth mimics the width of a missing sand dune system, affording some protection to any structures behind it,” she said.

February 3, 2017, Savannah Morning News
Coastal advocates organize bus to visit lawmakers

“It’s so important for us to go. We’re five hours away from the capitol — you’re a little closer there. It’s important for coastal residents to have a voice.” – Kelly Patton, OHM’s Membership and Outreach Coordinator

February 3, 2017, Georgia Times Union
Glynn legislators want new protection for coal ash disposal

“This is pretty popular. There are 44 landfills around this state that currently qualify to receive coal ash and not one of the communities want it,” Neil Herring said.

January 15, 2017, Savannah Morning News
Ossabaw celebrates Sandy West at 104, sea turtles

“Her nomination for the inaugural “One Hundred Miles 100” was one that “kept coming in and in and in. She was the one person from the very beginning of the discussion we had no doubt would be included.” – Catherine Ridley, OHM’s VP of Education and Communications

January 13, 2017, The Golden Isles News
City may call for stricter coal ash regulations 

“By asking our legislators to ensure safeguards are in place at these facilities to prevent contaminants from leaking into our surface and drinking water supplies, the city of Brunswick officials are taking the lead to keep our communities safe.” – Megan Desrosiers, OHM’s President/CEO

January 8, 2017, The Golden Isles News
One Hundred Miles look backs, and forward, in first 100 honorees

“Sometimes you feel that the odds are stacked against us, and the challenges that we face are overwhelming. But, amidst the dark clouds, there are shining stars among us. Those shining stars shine bright both on the dark days and they also shine bright on the sunny days. Their persistence, commitment and success is something that carries all of us forward. I hope and believe that we can make a difference.” – Megan Desrosiers, OHM’s President/CEO

January 7, 2017, Savannah Morning News
Local groups praise feds’ denial of permits for undersea, gas exploration in Atlantic 

“The decision announced today, along with the decision to remove the Atlantic Ocean from the 5-year drilling plans, secures the future of our marine life and Georgia’s coastal communities whose livelihoods depend on healthy oceans.” – Alice Keyes, VP of Coastal Conservation

January 5, 2017, Savannah Morning News
Activists, students, shark lovers welcome at Saturday coastal conference

“It’s cutting through the jargon to focus on citizen advocates. We’re hoping to broaden the tent of what it means to be an advocate. We want people to walk away with the knowledge they have the skills and tools they need to put their projects into action” – Catherine Ridley, VP of Education and Communications

January 4, 2017, Connect Savannah
Special Report from the Georgia Climate Change Conference 

“We know that sea level’s rising,” said Spud Woodward, the matter-of-fact director of the Coastal Resources Division – Georgia DNR. “To not prepare for it is really not a responsible course of action, no matter what your political inclinations.”

January 3, 3017, GPB News
Coastal Conservation in Action

Coastal advocacy organization One Hundred Miles will host the first “Choosing to Lead” conference this Saturday, Jan. 7, on Jekyll Island. Catherine Ridley joined GPB Savannah’s Emily Jones to share more about why they created this conference on coastal conservation in action.

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