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Our Impact

Our Impact:

In under two years' time we have made great strides towards our goal of becoming the trusted leader and advocate for Georgia's coast.

Through grassroots advocacy, community education, and collaboration, One Hundred Miles is building a broad community of advocates who care about our resources and have the skills and motivation to take action. We are fortunate to work alongside many dedicated groups fighting to protect our coastal resources. We celebrate their work and advocate for effective policies that complement – and strengthen – each organization’s individual efforts.

This work – and our impact on the coast we love – is only possible with your help. Your support fuels our work to preserve, protect, and enhance the 100 miles we cannot live without.

Together, we are making a difference.

#2rightwWe advocate for state and local policy decisions that protect our coast’s most ecologically significant wildlife. We are currently leading the charge against an ill-advised proposal to reopen up the South Atlantic coast to oil and gas exploration and drilling.

Learn more and take action to protect our wildlife and quality of life.

wormsloeGeorgia has a coast?! Yes, and it is a wonder of the world – deserving of our pride and in need of our protection. To increase knowledge, interest, and stewardship of our 100 miles we have recently launched a statewide communications campaign. Our project promotes a shared sense of identity and pride for our resources, while creating opportunities for all who love our coast to help protect it.

Read about our Communications Initiative.

In May 2017, One Hundred Miles and eleven other organizations came together at New Ebenezer Retreat Center to publicly launch the Georgia Coast Collaborative (GCC), an exciting partnership of groups joining efforts to make a difference for Georgia’s coast.

Learn more about this collaborative and help us protect the 100-mile coast we all love.

One Hundred Miles is proud to be a member of the Georgia Shorebird Alliance which is nominating Georgia’s barrier islands and marshlands to be designated a Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN) “landscape of hemispheric importance for shorebirds.” Our role is to coordinate the outreach around this important effort to bring attention to the significance of the Georgia coast as critical wintering and foraging habitat for migrating shorebirds.

Read more about our work to recognize Georgia’s coast as a shorebird sanctuary.

We are working to educate community members and other stakeholders in Camden County about the importance of longterm zoning on Cumberland Island as one means to responsibly conserve the island for both private and public generations to come.

Read about our work to protect Cumberland Island and other critical land use projects.

southeastadventure-(89)In April 2014, the director of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) repealed a policy requiring a 25-foot buffer protecting our salt marsh. One Hundred Miles immediately jumped into action, leading a coalition to protect and preserve our state’s signature landscape. We worked throughout 2014 and in the 2015 legislative session to restore this critical requirement of the Erosion and Sedimentation Act!

Learn more and share why our marsh matters to you.

shrimp-boats-2In 2014, we launched an effort to unify conservation strategies along the coast and spur the adoption of complementary, proactive strategies for growth. We convened a taskforce of our state’s most influential conservation organizations – the Nature Conservancy, Southern Environmental Law Center, Georgia Conservancy, and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources – to evaluate the assets of and threats to Georgia’s 100 mile coast. The resulting product – our Coastal Vision 2050 – informs and provides the foundation for our organization’s response to the threats of unplanned development and sea level rise. As we work to implement our Coastal Vision, we will ensure local governments implement policies that respond to the threat of unplanned growth and effects of climate change.

Read our Coastal Vision.