One Hundred Miles: an Advocate for Georgia’s Coast

Our Story

Our Story:

Building on a legacy of preservation for our future.

The diverse landscapes, wildlife, and communities that exist across our 100 miles are the direct result of past generations of leaders – leaders who not only responded to the beauty of our coast, but worked together to protect and enhance it.

In 2013, One Hundred Miles was founded by a group of individuals who wanted to ensure that our Georgia coast is preserved for generations to come. Our founders and staff share the belief that the threats facing our coast, such as rapid urbanization and sea level rise, require an extraordinary response – an unprecedented effort never before seen by coastal Georgians.

Board Chair Roy Richards, Executive Director Megan Desrosiers, and R. Howard Dobbs, Jr. Foundation Director David Weitnauer

Today, with an eye towards our future and ever mindful of our past, One Hundred Miles is building on this legacy of preservation.

As an organization with deep knowledge and experience in effective coastal preservation, One Hundred Miles is prepared to meet our coast’s challenges with determination. Our leadership will launch Georgia to the forefront of national coastal conservation and will secure the future of our treasured resource.

It is critical work that we are engaged in together, and the time to act is now. With the help of our supporters, partners, and friends, One Hundred Miles strives every day to preserve and protect the coast we all love.