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2016 Georgia Water Coalition Capitol Conservation Dayphoto © 2016 by Erik Voss

One Hundred Miles staff with Savannah Gould Elementary and Georgia Legislators © 2016 by Erik Voss

A One Hundred Miles advocate is first and foremost, a good listener. They listen to the coastal landscape, the wildlife, and the communities that call these 100 miles home. They listen to the threats to nesting sea turtles. They listen to the environmental impact of rapid urban development. They listen to the needs of local communities.

And once they listen, they act and make their voice heard.

They become the voice that carries the preservation of Georgia’s coast from the marsh grasses that support our ecosystems to the floor of legislative debate.

They make donations of time, expertise, and resources to support One Hundred Miles.

They find ways to spread the word about our wonderful Georgia coast.

Or they make a commitment in their own life to help protect the future of our coast.

And most of all, they celebrate our coast. Wherever they live—from St. Simons, Atlanta, or Boston—they revel in the beauty of our coast, from the Spartina grass that protects our coast to the communities that call Georgia’s vast and wild character home.

There is no one way to act as an advocate, but all advocates share one common belief: Unless someone cares deeply for Georgia’s coast, its future remains uncertain and nothing is going to get better…it’s not.