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As the Tide Turns

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As the Tide Turns, Previous Articles:

Discover the drama, mystery, and intrigue of our tidal shores.

As Winter Turns to Spring (Winter-Spring 2015)

As winter begins to fade, we hope you take time to reflect on the stunning changes you’ve witnessed during the cooler months. Our native bird of prey species, such as bald eagles, osprey, and red-tail hawks have been busy rebuilding their nests for the breeding season.

As you walked along the beach, you might have noticed a greater variety of shells. In the cooler months, Northeastern winds, heavy wave energy, and extreme tidal changes combine to deposit hidden treasures ashore, such as numerous shells and marine life species. You may have even picked up a shell and marveled at its almost mathematical precision!

Wonders to Spot this Spring:

Bald Eagles

Keep an eye out for nesting pairs of Bald Eagles this season as you hike, bike, or kayak along our diverse coast. They are known to build the largest recorded nests anywhere in the world! When you spot a nesting pair, keep in mind the female is the larger of the two. Males typically range from 8-9 lbs., while females typically range from 10-14 lbs. Also, give thanks to the continued preservation of nesting trees, which must be conserved to protect Georgia’s Bald Eagle population.

The Right Whale

Offshore, endangered North Atlantic right whales have begun their migration through the northeastern waters of the United States and Canada. They are headed for the shallow, warmer calving grounds of our waters! Our coast is the only place on earth where Right Whale calves are born. Although there are only 400 right whales left in the wild, because of your advocacy, their population is increasing with each passing year.

As one season passes to the next, it is a time to appreciate all you’ve witnessed, and all that is to come, along our diverse Georgia coast.