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Totes for the Coast

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2017 Reusable Bag Design by Allie Rotenberg

One Hundred Miles is committed to providing local businesses with a supply of our 2017 design,Reusable Bags. As a participating business, you will pledge to distribute the reusable bags to their customers in place of single-use plastic bags and continue to offer reusable bags as an alternative choice. By taking this simple pledge, you are helping protect coastal Georgia’s water, wildlife, and landscapes.

It’s a win for everyone. Don’t miss the chance to lead the way and start a sea of change for our coast!

Complete our 2017 Pledge Form and contact Paulita Bennett-Martin [email protected] or (912) 650-1156 to take the pledge today!

Introducing our Annual
One Hundred Miles and Partners
Totes for the Coast Reusable Bag Pledge 

Why the Reusable Bag Pledge is Important 

It is estimated that one trillion single-use plastic bags are used and discarded each year across the globe. Once plastics make their way into our waterways, they pose a significant threat to marine life: more than one million shorebirds, marine mammals, and wildlife are killed by plastics every year. Unsightly litter, like plastic bags, also has a negative impact on the quality of our communities and coastal tourism industry. Research shows clean beaches are a top priority for travelers choosing vacations destinations.

How Local Businesses are Addressing the Problem of Plastics

Bag Sponsors

“I Love Georgia’s Coast” Reusable Bag 2016 Sponsors

In response to the growing problem of plastics on our coast, Tybee Island community members have partnered with One Hundred Miles to help local businesses reduce their dependence on single-use plastics. By taking a simple pledge to offer reusable bags, Tybee business leaders are protecting coastal Georgia’s water, wildlife, and landscapes.

One Hundred Miles and ten other sponsors and others have donated 10,000 reusable shopping bags to Tybee businesses who take our reusable bag pledge as an alternative to plastic.

You are Part of the Solution 


“These are not objects that mean something to us. They’re just convenient, and they’re destructive.” – Paulita Bennett-Martin, OHM Chief of Coastal Advocacy

One person using reusable bags over their lifetime removes more than 20,000 plastic bags from the environment. Choose to Reuse with your “I Love Georgia’s Coast” reusable bag everywhere you shop. You’ll show pride for Tybee Island while taking an important stand for our coast’s wildlife and wild places. Join us and take your individual pledge today!

Local Businesses Who Have Taken the Pledge

BeachView Bed and Brekfast

Breakfast Club

Caldwells Cottage Boutique



Mermaid Cottages



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