Protecting the Health of our Coastal Communities

Coal Ash in Wayne County:

What you need to know

Don’t Import Toxic Coal Ash Waste to Wayne County!FYUT_1A__group_MG_5025

  1. Coal ash is toxic. Coal ash contains 25 heavy metals including arsenic, mercury, lead, as well as other toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. Incorrect disposal of coal ash presents a grave risk to human health.
  1. Coal ash should not be stored near water. Activists all over the country are fighting to have coal ash moved from storage ponds to lined landfills. Although the Broadhurst Landfill is lined, it is surrounded by wetlands and has a relatively high water table.
  1. Wayne County should not be the dumping ground for other states. The coal ash to be stored at the Broadhurst Landfill will not be coming from coal burned in Georgia. The Spartanburg company will bring coal ash from other states for disposal in Wayne County. In a recent story by the Associated Press, Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson aptly noted that municipal solid waste landfills containing coal ash “are located in areas where poor people live.”

To read more, download our Coal Ash Fact Sheet and share with your friends.

We need you
to help stop the transportation of toxic coal ash to the Broadhurst Landfill in Wayne County, Georgia

1. Make your voice heard. Let your local elected officials know that you do not want coal ash in your community!

blowup landfill map2. Tell your friends. We need everyone who loves the Satilla and Altamaha Rivers to speak out about this issue. We cannot allow 10,000 tons of coal ash a day to threaten our beloved coastal resources.

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