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Coastal Vision 2050

Coastal Vision 2050:

Shared Vision, Shared Voices

Historically, advocacy on Georgia’s coast has not been driven by a shared regional vision. Yet, conservation groups, local governments, businesses, and individuals make decisions everyday that will have lasting effects on the health and sustainability of Georgia’s coast.

In an effort to develop a vision and influence implementation efforts, One Hundred Miles initiated our Coastal Vision 2050 project. Between March and August 2014, we pulled together a task force to help us learn more about coastal Georgia’s special resources, our past and present growth trends, the potential impacts of irresponsible growth, and the impact of sea level rise.

This task force included representatives from the Georgia Conservancy, Southern Environmental Law Center, The Nature Conservancy, One Hundred Miles, and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

The Coastal Vision 2050 project uses a series of maps and communications tools to clearly show audiences how the conservation efforts, growth decisions, and sea level rise converge to shape the future of Georgia’s coast. We are working with local governments, citizens, and other organizations to ensure that future conservation and growth decisions are complementary and respond to sea level rise.

Download our strategic plan to learn about our Coastal Vision 2050 project and how it fits into our goals for 2015-2017.