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World-Class Coast

communicating about our 100 miles

Communicating About Our 100 Miles:

Creating a sense of pride - and ownership - for our coast.

Our Georgia coast needs an advocate and a voice. It provides clean water for fishing, swimming, and boating. It supports critical wildlife, from the endangered right whale to the loggerhead sea turtle. It supports diverse communities and promotes our economy and quality of life. Yet many people don’t even ealize Georgia even has a coast. Through our outreach and communications project, launched last fall, we aim to bring national and global recognition to our 100 miles.

jeff-jones-9Media around the country often focus on more populous tourist destinations in Florida and South Carolina, overlooking the 100 miles in between. At the same time, many residents and visitors associate only with a particular town, such as Savannah, while overlooking the vast network of barrier islands and coastal communities. Still others – even those with an understanding of coastal issues – often have a negative or narrowly defined view of conservation and advocacy.

Our project creates messaging that is engaging, easy to understand, and which is designed to make a connection with individual audiences. The multi-media campaign uses several channels of communication to reach a wide variety of audiences and serve as consistent and coordinated reminders.

This is a novel project for many reasons. To our knowledge, an ambitious effort of this scale has never been launched; nor has such a diverse audience been targeted. Our efforts focus on  highlighting the positive, rather than attacking the negative: throughout our campaign, we are working to showcase the leadership of businesses, conservationists, researchers, and volunteers who are making  an impact throughout our region. Not only will One Hundred Miles act as a voice for our Georgia coast, we will also help our citizens find simple ways to make their own voices heard.

When we are successful, our communities will share a widespread sense of pride and greater stewardship for these 100 miles. Our initiative will strengthen the chorus of voices celebrating — and advocating for — Georgia’s coast.