Protecting our Black-Water Wonderland

Ebenezer Creek:

Keeping our Citizens Informed

Ebenezer creek is a blackwater tributary of the Savannah River in Effingham County, Georgia, about 20 miles north of the City of Savannah. A nationally recognized Scenic River, it is one of only 4 designated in the state of Georgia, and is precious natural resource to the City of Springfield and coastal Georgia citizens and visitors alike. People flock hundreds of miles away to float down its majestic waters making it an economic driver in the community.

What’s Happening
Earlier last spring, DRT America (DRTA), a privately held French company specializing in distilling rosin and turpentine, has applied for a permit to pipe treated wastewater into the Springfield sewage treatment facility. Residents and visitors fear the potential threat of pollution that turpentine and other unknown chemicals could have on Ebenezer Creek and neighboring blackwater tributaries.

Get Involved and Raise Your Voice!
The future of our beloved Ebenezer Creek is at a crossroads. On November 16, the City of Springfield will decide whether or not to take toxic waste from DRTA’s new turpentine plant. Their decision will lead to our creek’s preservation or its destruction …


City Council will vote on DRTA’s industrial waste on November 16th at 6:30pm at the Effingham County Admin Complex. Since there is no public comment period on November 16th, wear BLACK and show your support for protecting our Blackwater creek! 

At this time, One Hundred Miles recommends … 

  1. The EPD should not issue a pretreatment permit absent a secure plan for wastewater disposal.
  2. DRTA must provide more information to the public and to city officials.
  3. The EPD should extend the public comment period by 60-days and postpone regulatory decisions on DRTA’s pretreatment permit application.

Read our full comment letter and position here.

As more details emerge, we’ll keep you informed on how you can make your voice heard for the coast we love. Contact OHM’s VP of Coastal Conservation, Alice Keyes at [email protected] for questions or concerns.

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Ebenezer Creek Photos courtesy of Ian Wilson,