Together, we are inspiring a new

generation of coastal stewards.

educate, collaborate, celebrate

Educate, Collaborate, Celebrate:

Our Three Simple Principles

Education One Hundred Miles’ foundation rests on science. We serve as a bridge between the scientific community and local citizens and governments by translating the impact of policy on our economy, wildlife, water resources, and overall quality of life. We conduct public outreach and education, grassroots organizing, and advocacy at the local and state level to achieve our goals.

Collaboration Our efforts will be most effective when we work together with all friends and residents of our coast. One Hundred Miles is committed to collaborating with a diverse set of partners both within and outside of the conservation community. To advance our shared goals, we are building a broad constituency of decision-makers, scientists, and everyday citizens with an interest in our coastal resources.

Celebration One Hundred Miles is dedicated to celebrating our coastal identity, inspiring pride for our natural resources, and working together to ensure a magnificent coast for generations to come. We present and support innovative ideas that will lead to effective solutions and a healthy future our children can take pride in.