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Empowering Georgia’s Coast

Empowering Georgia’s Coast:

Together, we'll create one united voice to advocate for our future.

Georgia’s coast needs a voice. For one hundred miles, our coast is the tidal changes of Atlantic waters, the flow of nutrient rich estuaries, and the heart of the largest intact maritime forests in the nation.

At the northern end of our coast, Savannah holds the finesse of a 21st century metropolis. To the far south, in the Okefenokee Swamp, wood storks hunt for fish in wild peat-filled swampland. Nowhere else on earth is there such a diverse range of communities and landscapes.

But Georgia’s coast is in danger. The future of our pristine and scenic landscape is threatened by new development. The time is now to plan for the future of Georgia’s coast to protect our marsh hammocks, wetlands, and our maritime forest.

My-Favorite-Mile-photo-2Our natural landscape and communities are interconnected–with change to one comes change to the other. As a result, the very character and natural heritage of Georgia’s communities is also at stake.

At One Hundred Miles, our mission is to bring concerned citizens together to form a strong and unified voice advocating for the preservation of Georgia’s coast and the character of its communities. Through our voice and by empowering others to find their own voice, we seek to unite the chorus of voices advocating for coastal Georgia.

We hope you join us! For only when the chorus of unique and distinct voices advocating for Georgia’s coast grows loud enough, will the health and vitality of Georgia’s coast and its communities be preserved for generations to come.