Creating a positive vision for Georgia’s coast

Georgia Coast Collaborative:

Together we are stronger

2017 GCC Brochure

March 30, 2018: Read our first annual GCC Progress Report!

In 2015, twelve conservation organizations came together to form the Georgia Coast Collaborative (GCC) because we believe that by taking a holistic view rather than a piecemeal community-by-community and issue-by-use approach, we enhance our changes of protecting the unique, beautiful resource that is the Georgia’s coast. The member groups seek to use the GCC to communicate more effectively to friends and residents about a positive vision for our Georgia coast and the impact our work has on achieving this vision.

GCC Launch and Paddle on Ebenezer Creek

On May 8, 2017, One Hundred Miles and eleven other organizations came together at New Ebenezer Retreat Center in Rincon, GA to publicly launch the Collaborative. Its history and beauty made Ebenezer Creek a good metaphor for the Collaborative’s mission – working together to protect special landscapes across the coast.

As promised, on March 30, 2018, the GCC released a report to document the progress the collective has made towards each of its four goals. The GCC Progress Report showcases select initiatives and campaigns of the past year, such as efforts opposing offshore drilling and promoting living shorelines that many if not all the organizational members of GCC helped to achieve. To learn more, read our press release announcing the first year of progress by the GCC.

Our Mission: By working collaboratively towards a set of shared goals, the groups in the GCC

Envision a future where awareness and celebration of our coastal resources, as well as citizen participation in community conservation, encourages leaders to take actions that reflect the area’s conservation values and results in improved quality of life for coastal Georgia’s future generations.

Our Goals: 

  1. Protect, connect, and enhance environments for coastal plants and animals to adapt to changes in sea level and benefit the community.
  2. Maintain thriving, working landscapes and waterfronts that support the sustainable production of food and fiber for our communities.
  3. Cultivate opportunities to enjoy and recreate in the special places and historic communities along Georgia’s coast.
  4. Promote economic development that respects natural environments and preserves the character of our coastal communities.

Strength in Numbers: 

The twelve member organizations that make up the GCC came together to share a positive vision for our Georgia coast, and the impact our work has on achieving this vision. By participating in the GCC, we are joining together to protect the coast we love.

Altamaha Riverkeeper • Center for a Sustainable CoastGeorgia-Alabama Land TrustThe Georgia ConservancyGreenLawThe Nature Conservancy in GeorgiaOgeechee RiverkeeperOne Hundred MilesSatilla RiverkeeperSavannah RiverkeeperSouthern Environmental Law CenterSt. Simons Island Land Trust

While we use different tactics, we base our work around four tools – land conservation, project advocacy, policy advocacy, and legal enforcement and compliance. We work in different ways and on different organizational goals, but share a vision of the future where the quality of life along Georgia’s coast is secure.

To achieve that vision, we need to expand our number of engaged citizens. We need a collective understanding of what we have, how precious and irreplaceable our coast is, and how best to protect it for future generations. We want to celebrate this unique resource that is coastal Georgia. That is why the GCC exists.

Join the conversation, and get to know the GCC’s 12 member organizations. Help us determine the future of Georgia’s coast.