Judi’s Favorite Mile:

A place unlike any other

A sense of history pervades the island, particularly around the Dungeness ruins. From the earliest times of indigenous peoples to Nathaniel Greene to Robert Stafford’s plantation, to Thomas and Lucy Carnegie and to the Candlers and their descendants, there is much to learn about its rich history.

digital-frame-1422My husband and I have kayaked to Cumberland several times and camped in the primitive camp area on the north end of the island. We have also taken the ferry over with our family and camped in Sea Camp. We have lots of stories from touring the many ruins to dealing with a “gang” of raccoons to having lunch where John F. Kennedy Jr. was married. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading books written about the island and its fascinating history. Cumberland Island is Georgia’s largest barrier island at approximately 18 miles long and 40 square miles. It is managed largely by the National Park Service. Going to Cumberland is at least an “all day” experience.

We have shared our time with just a few people, but with lots of bugs, deer, armadillos, turtles, raccoons, snakes, horses, hogs, alligators, and birds. There simply is no other place like Cumberland Island anywhere.