Gould’s Inlet, St. Simons Island

Kelly's favorite mile

Kelly’s Favorite Mile:

A shorebird sanctuary at Gould's Inlet.

My favorite view of Gould’s Inlet is from the front of my mom’s kayak as we’re pushing against the waves. The incoming tide creates a close-knit, shorebird sanctuary for pelicans, black skimmers, piping plovers, oystercatchers, and seagulls alike. We find remnants of shorebird nests and bones, buried shells, horseshoe crab molts, and driftwood pilings as we take a break from paddling to explore our coveted “bird island.”

This untouched, panoramic view always brings back so many childhood memories of summer. A day at Gould’s Inlet meant packing the entire house. Mom would roll a piled high wagon through the dunes while my dad would carry my brother and me in his arms over the boiling hot sand, my sister already running ahead of us. Sunscreen-slathered, red-faced, and sandy was our full day attire. The agenda: drippy sandcastles and boogie boarding to the sandbar.


Gracie loves our morning walks!

These days, Gould’s Inlet is an early morning getaway. When I can muster up the motivation to walk the beach at sunrise, my dad and I start the day catching morning’s first light and watching my dog Gracie roam the beach. In this place, the clutter and worries of every day life seem to disappear. There’s no better way to start my day.

My first taste of the Georgia coast was at Gould’s Inlet over 23 years ago. It’s a spot that gives so much and holds some of my most cherished memories. I will always have my heart set on this dynamic piece of our coast.