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December 27, 2016, The Golden Isles News
Spaceport Opinions Vary

“The evacuation and compensation of the private residences and visitors is a major logistical and safety challenge that has not been addressed,” she said. “The spaceport’s potential impact on coastal Georgia’s existing industries, like tourism, ports, naval operations, recreational and commercial fishing industry, air travel, and others is still a big unknown.” – Megan Desrosiers, OHM’s President/CEO

December 26, 2016, Savannah Morning News
Letters to the Editor Monday 

“The Atlantic Ocean must be removed from any future consideration for oil and gas exploration and development. It’s more important than ever for citizens across Georgia to continue their efforts and urge our leaders to stand up for this special place. Our elected officials must represent us, their coastal constituents, and we say loud and clear: offshore drilling is not wanted here.” – Alice Keyes, OHM’s VP of Coastal Conservation

December 22, 2016, The Golden Isles News
Southeast’s absence in oil drilling ban received differently

“All in all, we’re super happy that the extra protection has been offered to the area in the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic, but we are quite disappointed that protection did not extend downward to the Southeast,” “We have an amazing marine ecosystem that has Gray’s Reef, a significant feature of the Georgia coast, along with our marshlands and all of the animals and the marine mammals and the sea turtles that depend on our area. So, we think that the Southeast, obviously, is a world-class area that should be awarded those protections as well.” – Alice Keyes, OHM’s VP of Coastal Conservation

December 21, 2016, The Associated Press and The Golden Isles News
Georgia not in ban of future oil leases in Atlantic, Arctic

“The Brunswick-based environmental group One HundredMiles, which focuses its attention on the 100 miles of Georgia’s coastline, said on Twitter Tuesday it is still pleased with the local coastline being included in a five-year oil-drilling lease moratorium issued by the Obama administration in March. ‘Georgia’s coast was not included in the extra protection, but we continue to celebrate our exclusion from the 5-year oil lease plan!,’ the tweet said.”

December 18, 2016, The Golden Isles News
Matthew leaves its mark on Sea Island spit, apples continue from opposition

“That is a highly volatile place on the beach. The whole thing is in a bind, and they’re trying to get out of that bind because it’s becoming unmarketable. And they lost a whole lot more beach where they have planned for the new beach. It’s not only bad for the marine ecosystem, it’s looking like it’s not really a viable property for development anyway.” – Megan Desrosiers, President/CEO of One Hundred Miles, represented by the Southern Environmental Law Center in the appeal

December 10, 2016, Coastal Courier
An open letter to Rep. Buddy Carter

“I vote NO to seismic testing and NO to oil wells in the Atlantic Ocean. My vote doesn’t count. The vote of our representation does. Who represents me/us? Rep. Carter, in my humble opinion, your position on this matter should be made public to your constituency post haste.” – Roy Hubbard, former Green Beret, conservative and local environmentalist

December 8, 2016, The Golden Isles News
One Hundred Miles seeks to influence environmental advocacy in convention

“We want to give (community members) the tools they need to be coastal advocates… all of those individual actions really add up to a sea change of support for our coast,” says Catherine Ridley, OHM’s VP, Communications and Education.

December 7, 2016, The Golden Isles News
Nonprofit fundraiser encourages local holiday shopping

“The goal is to inspire everyday citizens and storytellers — people passionate about the coast to make a difference …” – Kelly Patton, OHM Membership and Outreach Coordinator

November 29, 2016, The Golden Isles News
State Senate committee discusses spaceport

“The debate will be in the Senate.” – Representative Jason Spencer, Woodbine

November 23, 2016, The Golden Isles News
JDA money bad omen for Spaceport

“Just like those missing riches that were promised but never materialized at every other spaceport. The spaceport will be a constant drag on our taxes like at every other spaceport that is not NASA or Air Force.” – Steve Weinkle OHM Member and Activist.

November 19, 2016, Savannah Morning News
Climate Change activists strategize in Savannah

“We have access to these local people and they are people who live with us and are representing us most closely,” she said. “They are interested in hearing what we have to say.” – Vicki Weeks, Dogwood Alliance

November 18, 2016, Department of the Interior
Secretary Jewell Announces Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing Plan for 2017-2022

“The plan was informed by robust stakeholder engagement and the best available science.” – Abigail Hopper, Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management Director.

November 17, 2016, Georgia Water Coalition

“Our families’ and communities’ futures are at risk. We can be part of the solution by speaking out and asking our officials to protect our water.” – Jennette Gayer, Director of Environment Georgia.

November 8, 2016, Savannah Morning News
Matthew provides a lesson on storm surge

“We’re not trying to predict exact numbers at exact spots we’re trying to provide a reasonable worst case scenario to people trying to make decisions.” – meteorologist Robert Bright

October 28, 2016, The Golden Isles News
Environmental group calls on local agencies to join coal ash fight

“I want to make sure that I’m not talking to you about the use of coal to produce our electricity,” she added. “I’m talking to you about how to figure out how to store the waste (coal ash) that is generated from the production of electricity from using coal.” – Megan Desrosiers, One Hundred Miles President / CEO

October 27, 2016, Tribune and Georgian
Senate holds hearing on Spaceport plan

“The County should be looking for ways to invest in economic development that give it the most bang for its buck. – Megan Desrosiers, One Hundred Miles President / CEO

October 26, 2016, The Golden Isles News
Opposition to space flight act continues

“Working now to pass a participant waiver is like knowing a hurricane is coming and rushing around to hang out your laundry instead of to shutter your windows,” she said. “It’s the wrong thing to do and a waste of limited time when there are many other options available for promoting the space sector in Georgia.” – Megan Desrosiers, One Hundred Miles President / CEO

October 24, 2016, The Atlanta Journal Constitution
Georgia to vote on new coal ash disposal rules 

“The EPD is taking steps in the right direction, but it needs to go further. Beyond Georgia Power’s tremendous stockpile of toxic coal ash, Florida and the Carolinas are already using Georgia as a dumping ground for dangerous waste those states don’t want. Shouldn’t that tell us something?” -Dink NeSmith, leading the anti-ash fight at the Broadhurst Environmental Landfill near Jesup

October 21, 2016, The Golden Isles News
Senate committee hears spaceport arguments

“It is has been demonstrated by FAA data and studies that with all of the costs and risks – economic, environmental, and human – an investment in a new coastal Georgia spaceport is not the best or even the only option for growing Georgia’s space economy.” – Megan Desrosiers, One Hundred Miles President / CEO

October 2, 2016, The Golden Isles News
Sea Island beach project stalled with Army Corps

“From a state perspective, it’s not on hold,” – Bill Sapp, attorney for the Southern Environmental Law Center

September 28, 2016, Connect Savannah
One Hundred Miles and artist Elizabeth Slater team up to engage and inspire

“We want to engage more businesses and artists, and the best way to do that is to celebrate the places and people that make our coast unique.” – Kelly Patton, Membership and Outreach Coordinator

September 16, 2016, The Golden Isles News
Book club aims to turn new page of outreach

“The book club is one way to inspire friends and supporters of our organization, and members, to connect with us,” Patton said. “It’s a way to celebrate our coast, expand our outreach and inform people about issues that are affecting our 100-miles in a fun way.” – Kelly Patton, Membership and Outreach Coordinator

September 14, 2016, The Golden Isles News
Spaceport subcommittee meets in Kingsland

“Who will be responsible for the known contaminants and any new contamination discovered? You must consider all the possible risks. They are still finding areas of concern. It’s about the unknowns that may pop up in the future.” – Ashby Worley, Satilla Riverkeeper

September 14, 2016, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
We have a literal world of evidence that climate change is real

“Under high-range projections, floods exceeding 4 feet – a level not seen in the past 100 years – become every-year events by 2060” all along the Georgia coast, the study warns. Savannah, Sea Island, Tybee Island — all would be threatened.” -Jenny McGuire, a research scientist at Georgia Tech and co-author of a new report on climate-change adaptability.

September 3, 2016, The New York Times
Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun

”I’m a Republican, but I also realize, by any objective analysis, the sea level is rising,” said Jason Buelterman, the mayor of tiny Tybee Island, one of the first Georgia communities to adopt a detailed climate plan.

September 2, 2016, Savannah Morning News
Reusable bags distributed to 15 businesses on Tybee Island 

“Litter and plastic bags are of tremendous import to Tybee. We see the ill effects every day. Every one of these reusable bags is going to replace hundreds of those single-use bags.” – Tybee Councilman Bill Garbett

August 28, 2016, Savannah Morning News
Lester Jackson: Say ‘No’ to seismic airgun blasting off Georgia’s coast

“Pursuing seismic airgun blasting is dangerous and short-sighted. I call upon my fellow Georgians to join me in expressing opposition to offshore exploration and drilling.” – Senator Lester Jackson, Savannah

August 26, 2016, The Golden Isles News
State judge rejects environmental appeal of Sea Island beach project

“We are disappointed in the decision, as new groins have no place on the Georgia coast. Regardless of today’s outcome, we remain committed to enforcing necessary protections for Georgia’s coastal resources and its wildlife, and the beaches of Sea Island and St. Simons Island that are beloved by locals and visitors alike.” – Megan Desrosiers, One Hundred Miles President/CEO

August 26, 2016, The Atlanta Journal Constitution
Judge allows development on Sea Island “spit”

“Permitting Sea Island to build this groin sets a dangerous precedent for this who enjoy Georgia’s unique coastal environment.” – Steve Caley, legal director at GreenLaw

August 4, 2016, Savannah Morning News
Hundreds attend Brunswick meeting to bash coal ash storage

“Coal ash is not the same as a banana peel. Just because the federal government downgraded coal ash doesn’t mean we should treat it the same way as any old household waste. I think coal ash coming into our municipal solid waste landfills is a game changer.” – Megan Desrosiers, One Hundred Miles President/CEO

August 1, 2016, Atlanta Journal Constitution
Climate change killing Georgia’s salt marsh

“A decrease in the growth of marsh plants likely affects all of the animals that depend on the marsh, such as juvenile shrimp and crabs, which use the marsh as a nursery.” “These decreases in vegetation may also affect other marsh services, such as stabilizing the shoreline, filtering pollutants and protecting against storm damage.” -Merryl Alber, Director of the Marine Institute.

July 30, 2016, Savannah Morning News
Worries rising for coal ash buried in Coastal Georgia

“We live in a state with really porous soil. Groundwater moves fast. When there’s a release and you don’t measure for three or four months you don’t catch it.” – Megan Desrosiers, Chief Executive Officer

July 26, 2016, Savannah Morning News
Lawmakers oppose noisy oil exploration

“The quality of life we enjoy in coastal North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia is a major driver of economic growth opportunities, attracting international manufacturers as well as new residents. Even a cursory look at the oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico clearly demonstrates the onshore infrastructure necessary to support offshore drilling are wholly incompatible with existing land uses along our beautiful coast.”

July 22, 2016, Oxford American Magazine
Ravaged Beauty

“To encounter Georgia’s pristine barrier islands is to step directly into a space where the strange collides with the beautiful. It seems that every lovely thing is tinged with mystery, danger, or complexity,” writes Megan Mayhew Bergman in her profile of Cumberland Island National Seashore.

July 14, 2016, The Brunswick News
Judge hears closing statements on Sea Island permit

“They have the right to defend their property, but obviously the Shore Protection Act was an effort by the Legislature to say you don’t have an unfettered right (to protect) private property,” Steve Caley, GreenLaw Attorney, said during closing arguments.

July 14, 2016, Savannah Morning News
Sea turtles nest in record numbers during ‘insane’ season on Georgia beaches

“These loggerheads won’t come off the endangered species list until researchers have more proof the entire population has met the goal of a 2 percent annual increase in population. Dodd is confident loggerheads will be a conservation success story much like that of the bald eagle, which recovered well enough to be delisted in 2007, though they still enjoy other special protections. ‘We’re on road to doing that with loggerheads,’” Mark Dodd, Sea Turtle Biologist, GADNR

June 22, 2016, Coastal Illustrated Magazine
A Passion for the Sea

“Everyone is tied to the ocean. The health of our oceans is inextricably linked to our own sustainability, from the food that we eat to the air that we breathe,” Patton said. “The ocean drives weather, regulates temperatures and ultimately supports the life of all living organisms. Here on our coast, we depend on the ocean for a bolstering economy, both recreational/tourism and commercial. A healthy ocean maintains our unique coastal identity that brings people to this place. We’re finding new species every day and getting a better understanding of ways that our oceans and its marine life can in turn, help us.” – Kelly Patton, Membership and Outreach Coordinator

June 20, 2016, The Brunswick News
Rotary welcomes environmental organization representative

“Kelly Patton, Membership & Outreach Coordinator for One Hundred Miles recently visited Rotary of the Golden Isles and spoke about their program’s mission.”

June 9, 2016, Columbia Journalism Review
In Georgia, a small-town newspaper owner take on a goliath waste company

“We feel like, as one of the pillars of the community, it’s our place to keep people informed, and raise hell when necessary.” – Dink NeSmith, Owner of The Press-Sentinel in Jesup, Georgia.

June 4, 2016, The Brunswick News
Groups unite for World Oceans Day Celebration and beach clean up

“The list goes on,” Patton said. “The ocean impacts our lives in so many way, for so many reasons. We need to take as good a care of it as possible.” –  Kelly Patton, Membership and Outreach Coordinator

May 9, 2016, The Brunswick News
Appeals hearing for Sea Island beach project begins today at Old City Hall 

“I do believe one of the reasons we’re going out to the spit is to discuss the alternatives to this, and the alterations it will have on the sand sharing system,” Derosiers said. “I think the whole thing is really going to be interesting. It’s fascinating that we’re going to have a whole week to look at this issue.” – Megan Desrosiers, CEO

May 7, 2016, The Brunswick News
Park Service expressed concerns about proposed spaceport

The legislated purpose of the National Park Service is to conserve natural and historic sites and wildlife for the enjoyment of future generations.“The proposed launch facility and its associated activities could potentially have an impact on the NPS responsibility and ability to achieve that purpose.” – Sam Austin, Southeast region director for the Park Service

May 5, 2016, The Brunswick News
St. Simons project works to support sea turtles in nesting season

“This is a volunteer-based initiative that has been around for a long time, and its volunteers have dedicated huge chunks of time to ensuring that sea turtles have a habitat on St. Simons to nest,” Ridley. “We are an area that loves sea turtles. We even call them ‘our turtles.’ This season and for nesting seasons to come, the goal is to increase those effort specifically on St. Simons, where sea turtle nests sometimes can be ignored.” – Catherine Ridley, VP of Development and Communications

May 3, 2016, Golden Isles Magazine 
Looking back, looking ahead: One Hundred Miles

“One Hundred Miles is dedicated to celebrating our coastal identity, inspiring pride for our natural resources, and working together to ensure a magnificent coast for generations to come. . . [through] innovative ideas that will lead to effective solutions and a future of which our children will be proud.” – Megan Desrosiers, OHM Chief Executive Officer

April 2016, Federal Aviation Administration
National Park Service Spaceport Camden EIS Scoping Comment Letter Released

“We strongly recommend the consideration of other alternative site locations to determine the extent to which other areas would be considered prudent and feasible.” – Sam Austin, Southeast region director for the Park Service

April 3, 2016, Savannah Morning News
Steven Sanderson: Seismic testing still threatens Georgia’s coast

“If our elected officials cannot hear the voices of science and their constituents, perhaps they should tell us who they’re listening to instead. They should be the most ardent advocates for our 100-mile coastline. Why aren’t they?” – One Hundred Miles board member, Steven Sanderson

March 29, 2016, Connect Savannah
Toast to the Coast: Signature cocktails raise funds for One Hundred Miles

“Partnering with some of our wonderful coastal businesses that focus on fresh, local ingredients shows why this is such a special place.” – Kelly Patton, Membership and Outreach Coordinator

March 18, 2016, The Brunswick News
Spartini event set to spark marshland and coastal preservation

“We want this to be a way to incorporate our community, our business owners and their clients, who are all served by our coast, to celebrate the beauty of it and help protect it.” – Kelly Patton, Membership and Outreach Coordinator

March 15, 2016, The Florida-Times Union
Glynn County Commission takes a pass on resolution opposing seismic testing for oil off coast

“The County Commission still has an obligation to carry the voice of the people of Glynn County forward,” she said, noting that 2,200 residents had signed a petition asking for the resolution. “If they choose not to, they’ve missed an opportunity to really represent the citizens.” – Alice Keyes, One Hundred Miles VP of Coastal Conservation

March 15, 2016, The New York Times
Obama Reverses Course on Drilling Off Southeast Coast

“This moment has come because Atlantic coast communities, businesses and citizens have all spoken up to protect their beaches, treasured marine life and President Obama listened.” – Rachel Richardson, Environment America

March 14, 2016, Vice News
U.S. – Canada Climate Change Agreement Signals Potential Hurdles for Offshore Atlantic Drilling

“We’ve got a $2 billion tourism industry here on the Georgia coast,” Keyes said. “We don’t want to jeopardize that for such a dirty investment.” – Alice Keyes, One Hundred Miles VP of Coastal Conservation

Spaceflight Act passed Judiciary Committee
February 25, 2016, The Tribune and Georgian

“As a property owner on Little Cumberland Island, I am concerned about my personal investment if rockets go over our island and have a problem, but as a Georgian, I am concerned about the fundamental day-to-day change by the frequent test firings of rocket engines over at this facility.” – Dick Parker, Little Cumberland Island Property Owner

Documentary film marks impact of plastics; hopes to spark conversation locally
February 25, 2016, The Brunswick News

“Every time you use a plastic bag, you are making a vote,” DiVincent said. “You are choosing to not be a part of the solution, but continue on as part of the problem. This one plastic bag you use for a minute or two, it takes generations to dispose of properly and if not disposed of properly, can become another piece in a much bigger problem.” – Jared DiVincent, Founder/Manager of Social Compass

February 19, 2016, The Brunswick News
Buddy Carter defends his pro-offshore drilling position

“There are a lot of communities he represents that have signed resolutions. More are considering this every month. I hope he hears the voices of the people on the Georgia coast.” – Alice Keyes, VP of Coastal Conservation

February 12, 2016, Savannah Morning News 
Board the bus to protect the coast

“We cover as much ground as we can when we get there.” – Debra Power, 3rd grade teacher at Gould Elementary.

February 8, 2016, Savannah Morning News
Sea turtle strandings trend down in Georgia

“All the metrics used for assessing their population status are good. Strandings are down. Nesting continues to increase. I’m feeling good about it.” – Mark Dodd, biologist with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Coastal Division

February 3, 2016, The Outer Banks Voice
Fisheries managers go slow on approving seismic tests

“We are encouraged that both the National Marine Fisheries Service and BOEM (the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management) have taken the time to review the new science and really gain a new understanding of the eco-system in the Atlantic.”
– Ingrid Biedron, marine biologist for Oceana

January 26, 2016, NOAA Fisheries Press Release
NOAA expands critical habitat for endangered North Atlantic right whales

“With two decades of new information and improved understanding since we first designated critical habitat for the species, we believe the expansion will further protect essential foraging and calving areas to further improve recovery of this animal.” – Eileen Sobeck, assistant NOAA administrator for NOAA Fisheries

January 23, 2016, The Brunswick News
Peaceful protestors rally at Carter open house to oppose offshore drilling 

“There are too many negative effects linked with offshore drilling to support the idea,” Sabbe said. “Home values, the tourism industry, the overall beauty of our coast, all of these bright features would be harmed by offshore drilling. I can only hope Representative Carter hears our message.” – Kate Sabbe, Brunswick resident

January 21, 2016, WABE Atlanta’s NPR Radio Station
Federal Government Considers Oil Drilling Off Ga. Coast

“Our coast is unlike any place on the planet. There are so many unspoiled and scenic places.” – Alice Keyes, One Hundred Miles Vice President of Coastal Conservation

January 17, 2016, Savannah Morning News
Alice Keyes: More reasons to oppose drilling off Georgia’s coast

“We coastal Georgians do not want to risk the health of our home for claims of jobs and revenue that will never be realized.” – Alice Keyes, One Hundred Miles Vice President of Coastal Conservation

January 16, 2016, Savannah Morning News
Georgia perfects the lonely oyster

“We hope to grow the oyster industry and allow farmers to produce oysters in a faster, more cost-effective way.” – Mark Risse, director of UGA Marine Extension

January 13, 2016, The Florida-Times Union
Bill to limit liability for noise and passenger injuries at proposed Camden County spaceport

“The price of enticing industry to Georgia should not be to limit people’s rights,” – Bill Clark, Georgia Trial Lawyers Association

January 12, 2016, The Brunswick News
Proposed legislation under fire

“Spencer wants to limit money if a piece of rocket falls off and hits someone’s house,” Weinkle said. “That’s potentially un-American. “It’s not a good example.” – Steve Weinkle, Harriett’s Bluff resident

January 7, 2016, The Brunswick News
Rep. Atwood asks for second look at Sea Island beach groin

“We are so pleased and grateful that Rep. Atwood takes seriously the harm a new groin will cause to wildlife and public and private property, and the negative precedent it would set for our coast,” Derosiers said. “I hope the committee members will grant his request.” – Megan Desrosiers, One Hundred Miles Executive Director

January 4, 2016, Southern Environmental Law Center
SELC plans to challenge harmful beach hardening project approved in Georgia

“The groin would jeopardize the integrity of the southernmost portions of the Sea Island spit, an idyllic area with great ecological importance. The move would also set a terrible precedent that could open up other parts of Georgia’s coast to these destructive projects.” – SELC Senior Attorney, Bill Sapp

December 29, 2015, National Parks Conservation Association
Could Space Exploration Harm National Parks? 

“Cumberland Island is a place where visitors can find all this and more. Congress established the national seashore to protect its scenic, scientific, and historic significance, preserve its wilderness, and allow the public to enjoy its beauty. It’s hard to imagine securing reservations six months in advance to camp at Cumberland Island and having that unique wilderness experience on a nearly deserted island get interrupted by evacuations due to rocket launches.” – Sarah Barmeyer, Senior Managing Director of Conservation Programs, NPCA

December 4, 2015, The Brunswick News
Environmental nonprofit launches inaugural, locally-based holiday art market

“The 100 miles of Georgia’s coast is an inspiration to so many people. We want to help show that off.” – Catherine Ridley, One Hundred Miles Director of Development and Communications

November 6, 2015, Federal Aviation Administration Notice of Intent
Office of Commercial Space Transportation; Notice of Intent to Prepare for Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

“The FAA is preparing an EIS for the Camden County Board of Commissioners to construct and operate Spaceport Camden, a proposed commercial space launch site in an unincorporated area of Woodbine, in Camden County, Georgia.”

November 4, 2015, Georgia Water Coalition Press Release
Georgia Water Coalition names 2015 “Dirty Dozen” 

“Over the past decade, the health of Georgia’s creeks, rivers, streams, lakes and coastal waters, and the safety of Georgia citizens has been compromised as funding for Georgia’s Environmental Protection Division has not kept pace with population and economic growth,” said Juliet Cohen, Executive Director of Chattahoochee Riverkeeper.”

October 30, 2015, The Brunswick News
Good time to plan for city’s future

“As downtown Brunswick continues to grow and strengthen its coastal identity, we must also continue to be proactive and identify our short-term successes to achieve even bigger ideas for this incredible town.” – Kelly Patton, One Hundred Miles Program Associate

October 18, 2015, Savannah Morning News
Environmental Groups Launch Campaign to Supply Reusable Bags for Tybee Island

“The idea for donating bags came from conversations with Tybee residents who are concerned about the impact a plastic bag ban would have on businesses who rely on tourists for the majority of their income,” Desrosiers said. “Tourists almost never bring their own bags with them on vacation. We will work to make sure that our bags make it into the hands of people who visit Tybee Island.” – Megan Desrosiers, One Hundred Miles Executive Director

October 7, 2015, Spaceport Camden U.S.
Clay Montague, Ph.D. Appointed to Serve on Spaceport Camden Steering Committee

“All concerns are welcome,” Montague said. “I plan to immediately assemble a committee of local environmental leaders, advocates, and scientists with the primary charge to make an effective presentation of concerns to submit to the Federal Aviation Administration.” “I’m already aware of 20 t0 25 such concerns, and hope to have a truly exhaustive list early on.”

September 11, 2015, The Brunswick News
Envision Glynn 2020 Partner Launches Community Survey

“Before we really get going with Envision Glynn, we need to know where the community is right now, how they feel now about this place they call home or this place they come to visit. Before we can start walking in the right direction, we need to know where we are headed and why.” – Kelly Patton, One Hundred Miles Program Associate

September 6, 2015, CNN U.S. News
Rising sea levels threaten to flood launch sites, NASA says

“Kennedy Space Center may have decades before waves are lapping at the launch pads,” coastal geologist John Jaeger of the University of Florida said in NASA’s post. “Still, when you put expensive, immovable infrastructure right along the coast, something’s eventually got to give.”

August 31, 2015, Florida-Times Union – Guest Column by Megan Desrosiers
Camden Spaceport may impact environment

“By becoming informed about the project’s costs and benefits today, we can all have a positive impact on our coast’s future.”

August 28, 2015, Southern Environmental Law Center Press Release
Clean Water Rule goes into effect in the Southeast

“SELC and the Natural Resources Defense Council moved to intervene in the Georgia case on behalf of the National Wildlife Federation, One Hundred Miles, and the South Carolina Coastal Conservation League to safeguard the rule against attacks that could leave important waters vulnerable to contamination and pollution.”

August 28, 2015, Mother Nature Network
Sea turtles are reclaiming the Georgia Coast

“It’s a single year, but it’s a continuation of an increasing trend,” [Mark Dodd, Georgia DNR Wildlife Biologist] says of Georgia’s 2015 nest count. “So that is pretty exciting. We have volunteers who help us monitor turtle nesting, and some of those people have been out on the beaches for 50 years. They’re finally seeing this turnaround, and it’s especially rewarding for them.”

August 22, 2015, The Brunswick News
One Hundred Miles works to refresh its image

“We want everyone who loves this magical place to join us in celebrating every square inch of our 100 miles, from our amazing wildlife to unparalleled barrier islands and rich coastal traditions,” Ridley said. “Ultimately, when we all share that sense of ownership and pride, we can work together to protect the coast we love.”

August 20, 2015, Huffington Post Green
How our government could alter the coast we know and love

“This issue is not about ensuring sufficient scientific research on ecosystem responses to oil spills – it’s about the fishermen I see every day, the neighbors who escape outside with me for long beach walks, the retirees and vacationers, and the many others whose lives depend on our coastal environment and resources, such as realtors and surf shop owners. This decision by our federal government could forever alter the coast we know and love.”

August 7, 2015, Tribune and Georgian
Questions swirling on spaceport impact 

“To many, there are a lot of unknowns that haven’t been addressed. As our organization and other groups shed light on the spaceport’s potential impacts, more and more people are raising their concerns and doing their own due diligence.”

July 2015, Savannah Magazine – Guest article by Megan Desrosiers
Water Rescue

“As Savannah’s future looms before us, one thing is for certain.  Our descendants will require clean and abundant water in order to drink, play and support Savannah’s economy—no less than we do today.  Our stewardship of drinking water, rivers and ocean will directly impact the quality of future lives.  The time is now to think daily about actions we all can take to encourage individual, state and federal action that will protect these resources for this and future generations.”

July 30, 2015, The Atlanta Journal Constitution
Camden County sky high on spaceport plan, but others want it grounded 

“It’s been presented as this really amazing opportunity, a silver bullet, a win-win for everybody, and nobody on the county side is talking about any potential negative impact the spaceport might have on Camden County,” said Megan Desrosiers, the executive director of One Hundred Miles, an environmental nonprofit in Brunswick. “We have no idea what they’re proposing. If it’s taxpayer dollars, the public should know what those dollars are going for.”

July 30, 2015, The Brunswick News
Envision Glynn 20/20 Gains Steam

“I’d like to see Envision Glynn become another communitywide effort. It would be strategic planning for land use, future development, bike paths, greenways, you name it. It would help set the mindset that brings the entire community together,” said Brunswick City Commissioner Julie Martin. “It would be a way to set that road map and realize our greatest potential for our shared community vision.”

July 18, 2015, Wellesley College
Dear Wellesley: Evan Williams ’17 Writes from the Georgia Coast

“The Georgia coast is made up of 100 miles of barrier islands separating the Atlantic Ocean from the mainland, and is famous for its big tides, shrimp, and expanses of green marsh grass. The area provides winter calving grounds for right whales, nesting beaches for sea turtles in the summer, and the name for the organization I’m working with—One Hundred Miles.”

July 14, 2015, Southern Spaces
St. Catherines Flyover (VIDEO)

“A small network of unpaved roads connect the interior of the ten-mile long, three-mile wide island. In addition to ongoing environmental study, extensive archaeological research has occurred at St. Catherines with regard to Native American settlements, the Spanish mission of Santa Catalina de Guale, and pre-Civil War plantation sites.”

July 8, 2015, The Brunswick News
Sea turtles nesting at record rate in Georgia

“This is a big year for us,” wrote [Mark} Dodd, a senior wildlife biologist with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. “One that is difficult to contemplate if you were on the beach in 2004 with less than 400 nests in the state.”

July 6 2015, The Brunswick News
Floridan aquifer concerns could affect Coastal Georgia

“Any attempts to pump surface water or wastewater into this pristine resource concerns One Hundred Miles and other community activists,” [Alice Keyes] said. “Once the groundwater is contaminated, there is no going back.”

June 2015, The Brunswick News
Spaceport Concerns

“I think they will have a tough time proving a need for the project,” Desrosiers said. “To me, there’s not a scenario where I see a win-win for everyone.”

May 2015, Atlanta Magazine
55 Secrets of the Georgia Coast

“Georgia’s coast is almost as fertile as a tropical rainforest—and almost as threatened. Among ecosystems, Georgia’s coast ranks near tropical rainforests in fertility and productivity. Its nine major estuaries (or sounds), 14 barrier islands, and some 400,000 acres of salt marsh—a third of all salt marsh along the entire Atlantic coast—connect to the ocean and each other.” – Charles Seabrook

OHM Spring Newsletter 2015
The Extra Mile

“Far down the beach, there would be nothing but gray haze hanging over the sand and sea. No people, no nothing. Just like the mile or so behind us already traveled. We would walk onward, wet sand under bare feet, with occasional conversation about things both vital and trivial. We enjoyed the solitude and one another’s company, and that special place.” – Roy Richards, Jr. on his ‘Favorite Mile.’

OHM 2014 Annual Report
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“Through our unique combination of collaboration and innovation and our focus on tangible, meaningful results, we can achieve our goals. We have the experience and skill, we have the resources, and most importantly, we have you – our donors, supporters, and friends.”

April/May 2015, Golden Isles Magazine
Worth Knowing: Megan Desrosiers and Alice Keyes

“What we have here has been handed down to us as a legacy. Our coast is pristine com­pared to other areas along the Atlantic because of the work of people who came before us and have fought to protect our coastline,” says Keyes.

April 16, 2015, The Brunswick News
Researchers, volunteers gearing up for turtle nesting season

“It is a really eclectic group of people,” Dodd said. “We have people who are new to the effort and some who have been searching for nests for 40 years and can remember when eating the eggs was still legal.” – Mark Dodd, GADNR biologist.

April 1, 2015, Creative Loafing, Atlanta
We all lose if drilling comes to Georgia’s coast

“Our Georgia coast is not a commodity that can be bought and sold. It’s not a political chip. The coast is a unique, intricate, and delicate part of our world that we’re privileged to share. It’s our home — our parents’ home, our children’s home. And it will be home for generations still to come. Let’s keep offshore drilling off our coast.”

February 18, 2015, Connect Savannah
Georgia groups come together to oppose offshore drilling

“We’re going to spend all this money on permanent infrastructure and threaten our nature-based economy for less than a month of oil? It doesn’t make sense.”

February 8, 2015, Savannah Morning News editorial by Alice Keyes
A challenge for coastal Georgia cities

“Why should we risk the health of Georgia’s pristine, historic, and natural coastal communities for such little return on a risky investment? We shouldn’t.”

February 3, 2015, Orlando Montoya interview with Megan Desrosiers
Conservation Group Takes Coast-wide View

“Oh, change happens fast,” Desrosiers says. “It may feel like the change is incremental, but those increments add up.”

November/December 2014, Savannah Magazine – Guest article by Megan Desrosiers
Rising Tide

“Watch the sun set over the salt marsh. Cast a fishing rod or tack into the wind. Enjoy our coast’s splendor. As you do, remember that there is a community of individuals and organizations working together to preserve, protect and enhance the quality of our shared resources. And we need your help.”

November 7, 2014, Brunswick News editorial by Catherine Ridley
Sea turtles will need more protection

“Our actions today will impact the survival of a species that has existed for millions of years. These decisions deserve careful consideration and input from researchers, developers, conservationists, and all who love our coast. One Hundred Miles looks forward to engaging in that conversation — one that leads to responsible growth and ensures Georgia’s treasured sea turtles will be able to visit our coast for generations to come.”