Our Coastal Vision Is Clear

Our Coastal Vision

Our Coastal Vision:

What will our legacy be for Georgia's coast?

One Hundred Miles is committed to protecting, preserving, and enhancing the thriving communities, beautiful landscapes, and diverse wildlife of Georgia’s 100-mile coast.

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My-Favorite-Mile-PhotoaOur Georgia coast needs an advocate and a voice. It provides clean water for fishing, swimming, and boating. It supports critical wildlife—from the endangered right whale to the loggerhead sea turtle. It supports diverse communities and promotes our economy and quality of life.

Few places in America retain such a vast and wild character. But the 100 miles we love are facing extraordinary threats. At this critical juncture in our history, we must be united in our strategies, mission, and share a clear vision of what we hope Georgia’s coast will look like for future generations. Together we can work to protect species on the brink of extinction, maintain the character of our landscapes, and ensure the health and quality of our water resources.

Together we can preserve the coast we love.