Because of You, Our Coast Remains Unlike Any Other

The Spartina Society

The Spartina Society:

Leadership Giving at One Hundred Miles

Spartina alterniflora is a marsh grass found along our coastline. It was admired by the Greeks for its strength and is derived from the Greek spartine, meaning “cord.” An ancient name that flowed through history, Spartina is still commonly called “cordgrass” today.

If you are considering membership at One Hundred Miles at the Spartina level or above, then you understand that the time is now to ensure the continued strength of Georgia’s coast. Here at One Hundred Miles, we share your commitment to protecting and preserving the wonders of our Georgia coast.

With your Spartina Society membership (annual gifts of $1,000 or more), you’ll become part of a distinguished group of donors whose gifts sustain the programs and services that lie at the heart of our mission. Like our beloved salt marsh grasses, you’ll play a unique role in helping us maintain the balance of nature vital to our coast’s health.

As a Spartina Society Member, you’ll receive:

  • Special recognition in our Annual Report.
  • Invitations to VIP events and receptions.
  • Spartina Society decal.
  • Personal and exclusive communications.

Your Spartina membership can be paid in one annual gift, or as many of our leadership donors choose to do, in monthly installments. Please join the Spartina society today. If you prefer, please contact Kate Grinalds at [email protected] or (404) 395-7423 to find the giving option that’s right for you.

Just as Spartina marsh grass provides support for our nearly 400,000 acres of salt marsh and the base of our primary dunes, your contribution forms the base of our mission at One Hundred Miles to preserve and protect Georgia’s coast. Forever.

Make your leadership gift today.