Connections Drive Us at One Hundred Miles

We Love our Coast

We Love our Coast:

All of us at One Hundred Miles are here because we love this magical place.

We love our neighborhoods, so full of culture, family, food, and history. We love our landscapes – our vast acres of salt marshes, our sloping, moss-draped maritime forests, our unspoiled beaches. We love the unique ways that each of our islands and mainland communities retain their own distinct charm and character.

heron-lgWe love our wildlife, from the flamingo-pink roseate spoonbill to the inky-black Eastern Indigo snake. We love how coastal Georgia’s wildlife surrounds us, reminding us of its majesty, at every turn. And we know you love it all as much as we do.

This connection is what drives us at One Hundred Miles. We recognize that our coast is unlike any other in the world. We are honored to work alongside you to protect it.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we pause to take stock of what matters most. We urge you to find a moment to consider your own coastal Georgia story. What do you cherish most about our 100 miles? What special memories have you created with friends and family, on paths well-traveled or in those secret hideaways that no one else knows?

Or perhaps the better question is: can you imagine your life without our Georgia coast?

And what will you do to protect it?