We’re Here For Our Children – and Theirs



Why We're Here

Why We’re Here:

Because we care about our coast's future.

jeff-jones-8Georgia’s coast is the Spartina grass swaying in the wind, the meandering of nutrient rich estuaries, the swell of the surf, and the calving place of the right whale. It is home to the largest intact maritime forest on the eastern seaboard, the nesting place of sea turtles, and home to an array of diverse coastal communities.

Threats from rapid development to changes in our environment now endanger, more than ever before, the quality of life and the very character of coastal Georgia. These threats to our coast do not exist in isolation, but in the larger context of all our interconnected ecosystems on the planet.

One Hundred Miles was founded to ensure the preservation of coastal Georgia. Like the earth, we are an interconnected group of advocates determine to protect the natural wonders and communities that call one of the most world-renowned ecosystems home.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Georgia’s coast is a natural treasure that deserves foresight and planning from citizens, policy makers, advocates, businesses, and government agencies.
  • Our quality of life depends on foresight to ensure our coast’s health is preserved in the midst of growth and development.
  • Scientific investigation and collaboration with the public is essential to understanding and, ultimately, making smart decisions about the future of Georgia’s coast.
  • Only when groups and individuals collaborate to achieve shared goals through open engagement will Georgia’s coast thrive.

Together, we can meet the challenges facing Georgia’s coast. With your help, we can do it. As a supporter of One Hundred Miles—you are the solution.